A Dark and Stormy Knight
Type Quest Main
NPC Bren
Quest Area Temple Passage
Level 56-57
Quest progression
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A Material Breach Clear the Decks

Summary Edit

The quest begins upon receiving the following message:

My colleagues and I have noticed a disturbance of the dark Perumagion mana in the temple. Mirida is certain it's an entirely new presence, and a dark and quite a powerful one. We were debatin how to go about, well, removing him. And then your name came up. You'll find him at the very end of the temple passage. We can go further while he lives. We all agree you're the best choice for the job.

The quest ends with following message:

I wish I'd been there to...well, not to see it, exactly. Even without phyisical sight, I would have enjoyed the fight immensely. I'm sure he was a worthy opponent. And I'm delighted he's dead. Now we can move forward with our plans to enter the Perumagion Temple.

Objective Edit

- Tzargil 0/1

Reward Edit

- 184,020 EXP

- 2,730 Gold