A Wrinckle in Spacetime
Type Quest Main
NPC Sasia
Quest Area Inner Temple
Level 57-58
Quest progression
Previous Next
Boning Up A Wolf in Wolf's Clothing

Summary Edit

Sasia is pretty sure there's a dimensional portal somewhere in the inner temple. While you're looking, get rid of some sentinels.

The quest begins upon receiving the following message:

Waves of sentinels keep coming no matter how many you kill. The temple couldn't possibly hold so many, could it? Next time you venture into the inner parts of the temple, look for any traces of a dimensional portal. You know, like the one the Titan used to escape from the Watchtower.

The quest ends with following message:

So no sign of a dimensional portal, eh? Just more of those damned sentinels. You're absolutely certain? And I was so sure it must be there. Maybe you didn't go far enough in. You might see it next time you go. I mean, you can't prove there isn't one.

Objective Edit

- Fierce Wraith Guardin (0/1)

Reward Edit

- 193,020 EXP

- 2,779 Gold