Alleytown or known as Raven Back Street is where the slums are resides. Compared to the west wall that was fortified with Parliament Army, the East Wall has been infested with Cultists.

The seedy backstreets of Capital City.

Every City has its poorer quarters and Capital City is no exception. Long ago Alleytown was a thrivining district home to many artisians and small shops, but as the city grew, the wealthier citizens moved into the grand new district closer to the seat of government. Most of Alleystown's residents now work as laborers and servants in better part of town or earn their living in various illicit trades. Of course, there are advantages to being neglected-The Dominion Army pays little attention to what goes in Alleytown.

Chapters and Areas Edit

Chapter 7 Edit

  • East Defensive Wall
  • Raven Sewers
  • Abandoned Theather
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