Better off Dead
Better off Dead
Type Quest Main
NPC Mirida
Quest Area Temple Passage
Level 56-57
Quest progression
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On the Rocks Perplexed by Perumagions

Summary Edit

An innocent spirit has been traped in a stone prison. Be prepared to grant it a merciful death.

The quest begins upon receiving the following message from Mirinda:

I've been keeping the temple's mana in thoughts. Today I sensed something completely unlike the usual rage that emanates from the temple passage. A voice cried out from the deep inside a prison, begging for release. Anyone trapped in that place would go mad or become as evil as the place itself. Find this soul. Release it, Whatever that takes.

The quest ends with following message from Mirinda:

If you had killed that poor soul, he would surely have killed you. His suffering is over. Whenever I think we've seen the last of the horros of that temple, something new and more horrible emerges. But we're all that stands between the evil forces and the people of Wolfshaow. We cannot weaken.

Objective Edit

- Jade Seal Corpse Guardian 0/1

- Strange Fragments 0/1

Reward Edit

- 184,020 EXP

- 2,730 Gold