Black Market is where the sales are often discounted and it was on the market for the limited time. It is reccomended for any player that wants to get the item quickly with discounted items and what player needed that was in their currencies (Normal Price Karat but can be sell in Gold)

Black Market sale Edit

Kritika The White Knights Edit

The Black Market in Kritika sells a variety of items such as meteorites, gems, stamina, sapphire, keys, pet runes, tickets, enhance items and Gold. The Black Market is another route where you can purchase helpful items that cost relatively less than what they normally would. There are two possible purchase options on the Black Market, some items will cost Karats whereas other items will ask for gold. Some items are exclusively only found on the Black Market. The items on offer are random and reset every hour.

Initially you will only start off with 3 slots unlocked. Up to 10 slots in the Black Market can be unlocked. This can be handy since it improves the chance of finding rare items on the Black Market. It is a nice idea to unlock the first few slots at a relatively cheap Karat cost.

Kritika Online Edit

Black Market opens with the new releases of Nobleria, it sells many variety of items that can be up to 8 items on sale at Item Mall for limited time. Unlike black market on The White Knights that are always active but can sell another once an hour passed, Kritika Online only sells certain items in ten minutes with unknown wait time which possibly between 50 minutes to three hours. The items on offer are random and reset everytime Black Market opens.