Character Information Edit

Brent is one of the survivor of Great Fire Thernolan incident. Currently he is one of the Historian lead that investigate the origin of the Beirumanians, the race that was supposed to be extinct long ago. He suspect ancient race of Beirumanians serves as the foundation of Alchemist and the Organization, Feima Alchemist Organization.

History Edit

Great Fire Thernolan Incident Edit

Brent was present when Parliamentary Army assault Thernolan led by Archie. He manage to defeat several Parliament Army off and even participate in assistance of defeating Dertmot, people's knight commander. However as a price of that, he lost both of his eyes when he faced Archie one on one and forced him to retreat to the exile temporarily. However unlike other Thernolan Survivor who build shelter at Warp Library, Brent continue to live on and become Historian at this moment.

Present Time Edit

Brent serves as Historian and excels in examining Beirumanians artifact. He believe Beirumanians has yet ceased to exist due to the ancient security guard that has yet ceased to operate. While aiding player to examine the artifacts, he is also aiding Allied Army led by Karen to capture capital city of Raven. After Archie was escaped, he also assist player on some tasks to discover the artifacts.

During war between Beirumanians and Atlantis, Brent assist Atlantis with all he can and even with player's aid the Atlantis are still in losing side, causing some of Atlantis royal court to defect to Feima's Alchemist Organization, the Organization that operate behind the shadow and responsible for the downfall of Atlantis.

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