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Cat Acrobat is unlocked at start of game. Specialty: Acrobatics

A character with extravagant yet effortless specialized combos ideal for close combat! Possesses various skills including multi-hits. One blow alone can immobilize enemies.

The default avatar consists of blonde hair, white top, red ribbons, jean shorts, tall riding boots, and 2 short swords used ambidextrously. A notable feature of Cat Acrobat is her cat ears, present in all avatars. Her basic avatar was same as the base job Rogue only with additional of cat ears.

Cat Acrobat is a predominantly Physical Attack before awakening but becomes a more balanced Physical and Magical attacker after awakening.

Cat Acrobat's EX move is a shorter time duration and impacts a narrower range (not generally considered an AoE EX skill).

Kritika Online Class Information Edit

An agile fist fighter, she is a Rogue who can subdue her enemies in a series of quick, seamlessly connected moves. The Cat Acrobat owns a variety of aerial combo attacks that are especially powerful against small monsters.

Cat Acrobat is one of the toughest jobs on Kritika Online due to many variety of abilities that can generate more combo than the others, mainly specialized on fist and kicks which makes player have to make their own signature combos due to high difficulty.

Difficulty: ★★★★★

Power: ★★★☆☆

Speed: ★★★★★

Combo: ★★★★★

Teamwork: ★★☆☆☆

Character SkillsEdit

Physical AttacksEdit

Wind Spin
Spiral Kick
Mach Kick
Meteor Kick
Claw Frenzy

Magic AttacksEdit

Thunder Dash

Activation SkillsEdit

Emergency Escape
EX Cat Claw
Meow Trance

Passive SkillsEdit

Basic Training
HP Increase
MP Increase
DEF Increase
Stat Increase

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