Caught Dead
Caught Dead
Type Quest Normal
NPC Mirida
Quest Area Temple Bridge
Level 55-56
Quest progression
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Guardians of the Ruin Unholy Terrors

Summary Edit

Wraiths on the temple bridge are extremely poisonous. Mirida needs samples to counteract the poison.

The quest begins upon receiving the following message from Mirida:

Those awful wraiths at the temple bridge make my blood run cold. If only that was all they did! They also steal life from anyone who gets too close. Knowing there are fewer of them would ease my mind. And between us, I want any specimens you can bring me. I may need a way to counteract their poison.

The quest ends with following message from Mirida:

The wraith's mana is suffused with rage...violence...insanity. It really isn't something I want to expose myself to for too long. But the poison, at least, is easy to understand.I'll get to work on an antidote right away. Thank you for all you do.

Objective Edit

- Amazing Floating Stone 0/1

- Collect from Amazing Floating Stone: Historical Writings 0/1

- Aide from Sasia x1

Reward Edit

- 175,380 EXP

- 2,681 Gold

-Aide from Sasia x1