Overview Edit

Creator is an advanced Class of Nobleria, unlike Elemental Fairy which more proficient at magic spells Creator most proficient at Heavy Weaponry such as Artillery Barrage, Hailstorm of Missile, Flamethrower, Gattling Gun and even Rocket Launcher. Her main equipment was Staff, Wand and Hammer but in idle she is often sitting on the floating Flamethrower that she made by herself.

Class Capabilities and Skills Edit

Creator's damage was very high however the most lethal damage comes from far range attack while the close range combat it has only few skills to fight. It is better to engage the enemies in ranged and if player want to hook the enemies then hook wisely and quickly make distance to knock them down.

Creator was more suitable in the parties and supporting the party member with heavy weaponry to clear out mobs of enemies since she is not very suitable for close combat range.

Advantage Edit

Superior in heavy firepower, Creator can take down and cleaning the mobs of monsters effortlessly. Electric field, Frog Machine, Artillery Barrage and Missile Launchers are the lethalest combination to handle the mobs. Creator notably has the highest firepower amongst all class however it compensates with long time cooldown.

Disadvantage Edit

Despite her superiority in heavy firepower, she has plenty of cooldown time and lack firepower for close-quarter combat enable her to get pinned down so easily and doesn't have enough capabilities on close combat range.

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