Crystal Cave Clearout
Type Quest Main
NPC Kaedan
Quest Area Crystal Caverns
Level 58-59
Quest progression
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Megabat Bats for Bren

Summary Edit

Needs desciption quest.

The quest begins upon receiving the following message:

After the last time you cleared the Crystal Caverns out, I tried going in. The place was a mess! Did you just run through and wave at everybody, or what? Look, if you cleared that place out, all I can say is it's full of hostiles again. I need to conduct an inspection, and I can't do that if I'm fighting off dinosaurs and whatnot. Do I have to say ''please''? All right. Please clear out the caverns again.

The quest ends with the following message:

Mission accomplished? Good. I need to get that final inspection behind me. No time to talk. If I don't get in there, we'll be back at square one again. I'm hoping to breach a new area of the mine today. Are you ready? Good. Stay close. I'm going to have plenty for you to do.

Objective Edit

Clear [Lv.58-59] Crystal Caverns with the following conditions

- Score 5 multikills of 3 kills each

Reward Edit

- 539,520 EXP

- 5,655 Gold