Crystal Caverns
Vital statistics
Type Unknown
Level 58-59
Location Deeprock Mine
Boss Megabat
Inhabitants Atrociousaur, Enraged Feriociosaur, Feriociosaur, Gong, Govan Lurgh, Sapphie Bat, Sinister Bat, Swarmasaur, Trog Slasher, Trog Spearman, Vicious Bat

Crystal Cavers is the fifth Danger Zone in Deeprock Mine.

Main Quests Edit

With Friends Like These Edit

Kamerasur Edit

Govan's Return Edit

Megabat Edit

Crystal Cave Clearout Edit

Bats for Bren Edit

Normal Quests Edit

Clear out Crystal Cave (Party) Edit

Dinosaur Details Edit

Trog Talismans Edit

Strongarm Suspicions Edit

Religious Relics Edit

Doorway to the Deeps Edit

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