White Knights

Class InformationEdit

Difficulty: ★★★☆☆
Specialty: Frontal Assault

The Demon Blade is an expert swordsman who dominates the battlefield with his demonic blade. Inflicts major damage instantly with his quick attack. The Demon blade is a 3 star difficulty character unlocked for free at the title screen. The default look consists of a red trench coat, black hair, and 2 swords, one of which is on his back. He predominantly uses his katana, specializing in quick-frontal assault, only using the big sword on his back for follow up strikes. His skillbook is very versatile in its range of attacks mainly focusing on speed, but very well rounded. The EX move strikes everyone in an ovular vicinity, long end forward making for a very well ranged attacks.

Character SkillsEdit

Physical AttacksEdit

Speed Strike
Storm Attack

Magic AttacksEdit

Demon X

Rapid Triple Slash
Power Slash
Rage Annihilation

Activation SkillsEdit

Emergency Escape
Ultimate Massacre
Energy Blast

Passive SkillsEdit

Basic Training
HP Increase
MP Increase
DEF Increase
Stat Increase

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