Dinousaur Details
Type Quest Normal
NPC Raeline
Quest Area Deeprock Mine
Level 58-59
Quest progression
Previous Next
Clear out Crystal Cave (Party) Trog Talismans

Summary Edit

Needs description

The quest begins upon receiving the following message:

I keep hearing about dinosaurs in the mine, but that makes absolutely no sense. I'm not saying any of you are lying, but dinosaurs don't live underground. These dinosaurs were created by Kamerus, though, so I guess anything goes. I have to know more. For science! Go fight some dinosaurs, then come back and tell me everything you can remember about them!

The quest ends with the following message:

Feriociousaurs? Swarmasaur? Viciousaurs? KRAMERUSAURS? Kamerus is completely out of control! I really hope the resistance can find a way to shut them down before they do any more harm. Anyway, I've moved on. I'm studying the local kritium samples and how they differ from those I brought back from Wolfshadow. I wonder if Bren has any insight. Did you know he's in Deeprock now as well.

Objective Edit

- Feriociousaur (0/5)

- Swarmasaur (0/5)

Reward Edit

- 539,520 EXP

- 5,655 Gold