Eclair's Biography Edit

Unexpectedly on Kritika Online it is revealed that she is the Granddaughter of the Legendary Swordsman, Ruweiss. On Kritika Online she is trained on the field by another Legendary Swordsman known as Metal Eagle Bryce and in tutorial she was guided by Thernolan Archmage Brent due to proficiency of both combination class, Warrior and Mage that mixed up as Eclair.

She is notably a mixed blood between Swordsmanship and Mage, notably carrying Ruweiss blood as her grandparents and her parents that wield Mage's blood which in-game can provide an endless amount of swords named Mana Sword through her skills.

Her parents died five years ago when the Mage Hunt initiated by Archie after his troops annihilation at Ronte / Lant by Sorcerers and she want revenge against Archie for the murder of her parents. Ruweiss took her and made her what she is now, an Eclair but for herself she love guns more than sword making. Guns are the main Equipment on Eclair.

Asking many things from Ruweiss, Eclair eventually sets out on her own journey but ironically she has no money in her pockets but uniquely she likes to eat.

Eclair was unable to receive Awakening Skills on Kritika Online, possibly there are no updates yet or to prevent Eclair from too much of an imbalance.

Class Capabilities Edit

The best pairing for Eclair is Creator since Eclair can close the disadvantage for Creator by fighting close quarter combat while Creator will unleash Heavy Weaponry to annihilate enemies from long range. Both are liked guns to be more used on the combat unlike Mage that was rarely using guns to fight.

Advantage Edit

Superior in close and mid-range combat, Eclair lethally strikes the enemy with endless combos and allow her to deliver most of the backstabs attack through Phantom Blade to her enemies making her as the rank 1 for the backstab attacks of all the classes. With many precision combination, Eclair's firepower was very notorious and once the enemy are locked down by Eclair's attack they will have hard time to escape. If player have quick skill style, Eclair have extra advantage as Eclair was equipped naturally with Slow-motion abilities where the enemies such as Boss will be slowed up to 50% of their original speed if player keep attacking with skills in rapid speed.

Disadvantage Edit

Despite her abilities in close and mid-range combat, Eclair has very few skills to be unleashed and furthemore she is the only character that was not able to wield EX skills and only has Blade Dance as a skill that can provide her temporary invincibility (Not affected by Ed's Eye of Altar that can petrify everything including those who are using skills that provide invincibility). Eclair also lacks Super Armor breaking and Stun skills. Only XL-Caliber that can stun enemies which will be a must for all Eclairs to rise it to lv 3 while Blade Dance and XL-Caliber are the only skill thats can destroy enemy Super Armor.

Trivia Edit

  • Everytime Karen helps Eclair that he considers as a date, she always want him to treat her at the most luxury restaurant notably Three star Michelin Restaurant or Restaurant that has Three Star Chef.
  • Eclair got the most notorious combos if player plays brutally with full scale attack of non-stop combos but in echange the weapon's durability will be reduced the fastest amongst all class.
  • She is good at lying, same like Ruweiss that likes to lie as well but she also dislikes Ruweiss because of that. She often refers Ruweiss as an old crook or old geezer and conversation between her and Ruweiss also changed to relationship between Granddaughter and Grandpa.
    • Some of those that player deal with such as Vaia, Hasther, even Metal Eagle Bryce refer Ruweiss as the most annoying person because of his sword style.
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