Stat Attribute NamesEdit

Equipment Stat Names
Prefix Suffix Assigned Stat
Oddly Bonkers Defense
Strangely Twirled Attack
Overly Fusty Attack Speed
Rakish Spiffy Critical Reduction from Monsters
Proudly Snazzy Critical Damage Rate increase to Monsters
Ineffably Swanky Critical Damage Rate increase to Elites
Majorly Slick Critical Damage Rate increase to Bosses
Dizzily Dashing Critical Rate
Snappily Chic Damage Reduction
Simply Friendly Damage Reduction to Elites
Fussily Festive Damage Reduction to Bosses
Mainly Curious Reduced Damage per Hit
Clearly Itchy Reduced Damage per Hit from Elites
Crazily Twitchy Reduced Damage per Hit from Bosses
Madly Fanciful Bonus Damage
Lazily Twee Bonus Damage to Elites
Mostly Weedy Bonus Damage to Bosses
Plainly Splendid Addition Damage per Hit
Absurdly Bawdy Addition Damage per Hit to Elites
Smartly Awesome Addition Damage per Hit to Bosses
Vaguely Quaint Darkness Bonus
Fully Dainty Lightning Bonus
Bluntly Surly Fire Bonus
Solidly Punchy Ice Bonus
Briefly Wacky Poison Bonus
Purely Crafty Evasion
Wildly Callow Critical Evasion
Subtly Clever Accuracy
Shrilly Graceful
Truly Tricky Maximum HP
Sweetly Pleasant Maximum MP
Totally Precious Movement Speed
Vainly Stellar Resistance to Darkness
Freshly Motley Resistance to Lightning
Rightly Spicy Resistance to Fire
Suavely Lovely Resistance to Ice
Gamely Dreamy Resistance to Poison
Gaily Stately