Class Overview

During advancement of Monk at level 15, he is able to choose between Galaxy Lord and Dark Lord. Unlike Dark Lord, this class specializes on area of effects, and his power comes from the stars. He is known to be one of the strongest classes when it comes to area of effect specialization. Later, at level 70 Galaxy Lord can advance to Divine Lord.

Class Capabilities

Galaxy Lord is able to perform many different type of area of effect ranging from small-big. Most of his skill are based of area of effects which also allows him to clear stages quicker than most of the classes.

Due to Galaxy Lord having mostly area of effect skills, he lacks single-target skills. When it comes to combat against a strong single target, single-targeted skills are more beneficial because most of the time they deal with more damage than the rest(*However, this is not always the case*). With this being said, his skills are most likely to not be well-rounded for an overall combat; he would not have the right set against bosses.


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Skill Tree

To be updated soon™

  • DoomBladeChr
  • Fire Lord chr
  • Berzerkerchr
  • Heaven Destroyer chr
  • Doomfist chr
  • Zerk2nd chr
  • Assassinchr
  • CatspawChr
  • Wolf Guardianchr
  • Shadow Magechr
  • Frost MageChr
  • Warp Mage chr
  • Coming soon

  • Coming soon

  • Coming soon
  • VampCh
  • ValkyrieChar
  • Vamp2ndChr
  • Coming soon

  • PsionChr
  • SupernovaChr
  • Elemental Fairy chr
  • CreatorChr
  • Halo Magician chr
  • ???

  • ???

  • ???
  • Dark Lord chr
  • Galaxy Lord chr
  • Dark Emperor Chr
  • Divine Emperor
  • Sky Dancer chr
  • ???