Kritika The White Knights Edit

Gems are stones that can be equipped to your character. Every 5 levels opens up an additional gem slot. You can acquire gems by playing stages, monster wave, login bonus or by buying off the black market.

You can only equip a maximum 2 of the same type of Gem to a character. Gems can be sold or 'enhanced'. This is not the same type of enhancement that applies to items. Gem's 'Enhance' is similar to an item evolving, it refers to combining to gems of the same type (color and level, e.g. Ruby +2) to make one higher level gem. This is a simple process and only requires two like gems and some gold. All gems with +1 or above require that the character be level 10 or above.

A Gem's effectiveness is related to it's effect on stats. For example Add'l Damage gems and Damage Reduction gems give huge bonuses to CP as your attack and defence increases every level and the gems offer a percentage on it, whereas a HP increasing gem is a static increase so its effectiveness will never improve past the initial equip. In more detail:

  1. Amethyst (Add'l Damage): CP is based on your ATK stat; since this gem's bonus multiplies your ATK in some way, the CP will increase proportionately as your base ATK increases. Your damage output will increase based on your base damage output + additional damage = damage output.
  2. Peridot (Damage Reduction): CP is based on your level and reducing incoming damage from your enemies. For base formula it was expected like Damage taken reduced by Peridot's proportion damage = Actual Damage taken
  3. Ruby (ATK): gives a raw CP bonus that scale much since ATK mainly contributes a high rate of CP.
  4. Onyx (Critical Rate): gives a raw CP bonus that does not scale much.
  5. Topaz (HP): gives a raw CP bonus that does not scale much.
  6. Sapphire (MP): gives a raw CP bonus that does not scale much.
  7. Emerald (DEF): gives a raw CP bonus that does not scale much.

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Attack Bonus


Damage Reduction




Critical Rate







0 4,0% 4,0% 713 720 244
+1 4,5% 4,5% 378
+2 5,0% 5,0% 579 470
+3 5,5% 5,5% 722 1711 3119 1728 585
+4 6,0% 6,0% 2124 4585 729
+5 6,5% 6,5% 1119 907
+6 7,0% 7,0% 1395 3294 10026 1129
+7 7,5% 7,5% 1701 1378
+8 8,0% 8,0% 2079 4905 15819
+9 8,5% 8,5% 2586 6103 20708
+10 9,0% 9,0% 3417