Govan's Return
Type Quest Main
NPC Kaedan
Quest Area Crystal Caverns
Level 58-59
Quest progression
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Kamerasur Megabat

Summary Edit

Kaedan says Govan has returned. Finish the job you started way back when.

The quest begins upon receiving the following message:

Well, good news travels fast, and that's not good news for us. Remember that guy Govan you served walking papers to a while back? He's down in the Crystal Caverns. I have no idea how it happened. I thought he was goner. Guess you'd better go finish the job.

The quest ends with the following message:

He thought he'd just stake a claim. But he underestimated old Kaedan. What? I told him about the kiritum vein. For a price. It's what I do! And then I sent you in to mop out. Win-Win! I haven't told anyone else about the new vein. You can trust me. Okay, you can't really trust me. But I'm telling the truth this time.

Objective Edit

- Govan (0/1)

Reward Edit

- 539,520 EXP

- 5,655 Gold