Overview Edit

Guild is where player can band together in one guild and some can do for fun and some can do to up the fame of their guilds. Guild on Kritika Online and White Knights currently served different purposes

Kritika The White Knights Edit

Guild System Edit

The Guild System lets you join with other players in Guilds, and work together to earn great rewards!

Check in daily to earn guild points, participate in various game events, or just hang out with your guild mates in guild chat to grow stronger together.

Special rewards can be bought with Guild Points (and Karats) in the Guild Shop

Guild Towers Edit

Guild Towers are another battle mode where Guild Members work together to clear towers and earn buffs from each tower.

Guild Masters can summon towers, and call in guild members to lay waste to the Tower Guardian!

Work together, log in consecutively, and defeat the bosses to earn different buffs and rewards.

Guild Battle Edit

One of our coolest new features is Guild Battle!

Guild Battle puts guilds head to head in a daily battle, with battles being part of weekly seasons.

Log in when your Guild Master selects you as an attacker to battle AI versions of other players, and destroy them in battle to take their tower!

For more on Guild Battle, be sure to check out our extensive guide:

Kritika Online Edit

Guild System Edit

The guild system on Kritika Online features Leader, Manager and Member. Leader have authority to promote and demote manager while manager can expel and invite player to the guild.

Player can contribute by donating the points player earned from Daily login and instances equal to player's level and the more player donate, the more faster guild will level up.

Guild Buff Edit

Player will receive Buff based on how Guild Leader distribute their guild skill. The Guild buff however only lasts for one day and any member can expand it by donating their resources to increase duration of Guild Buff itself

Guild Shop Edit

Player earn the Guild Token through donating daily contribution: The contribution can be listed as

  • Daily login (100 Coins)
  • Instance equal to player's level (1 area = 1 coin. Does not work if player uses Vitality Token to enter)

Player can purchase various items from Guild Shop but be careful if player quits and then rejoin the guild again, the guild coins will be resetted.