Summary Edit

Hit the Rocks
Type Quest Main
NPC Bren
Quest Area Temple Bridge
Level 55-56
Quest progression
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The Big Chill No Stone Unturned

No one is getting past the temple passage without meeting up with animate stone sentinels. Bren wants you to defeat them.

The quest begins upon receiving the following message from Bren:

The farther we venture into the unleashed temple, the more we learn about Xanadu's people and their capabilites.They infused stones with life to act as sentinels of their relics. That's beyond anything I've seen-except for the Titan that demolished the Watchtower near Lantir. And let's face it-that was probably designed by ancient magicians too. You're the only one I know who might be a match for these sentinels. That's why I'm sending you to take them down.

The quest ends with following message from Bren:

The Sentinels were even more powerful than I though! And there seems to be no end of them. Or of the wraiths or the ghouls. We can kill them, but we can't keep them from coming back next time. Still, you did yourself proud in there. I'm grateful as always for your help.

Objective Edit

- Relic Sentinel 0/1

Reward Edit

- 175,380 EXP

- 2,681 Gold