I've Got Your Problem Right Here
Type Quest Normal
NPC Mirida
Quest Area Inner Temple
Level 57-58
Quest progression
Previous Next
Committed to Memory Down Memory Lane

Summary Edit

Mirida is looking for a different kind of fragment in the inner temple-one that has not been exposed to contaminated mana.

The quest begins upon receiving the following message:

Studying the fragments you brought me, I've discovered that they contain different kinds of mana. Some were exposed to a corrupted mana that affects the clarity of the memories they contain. What I really need for my research are the fragments with purer mana. So next time you're in there, will you look for them?

The quest ends with following message:

You won't believe what these fragments are telling me. Listen. The Perumagions tried to create dimensional portals inside the temple. Xanadu declared war, but that isn't what ended them. It was their own portal. They couldn't control the raw magic needed to open it. It destroyed them. Xanadu sealed the temple and everything inside. The question is, who has broken the seal?

Objective Edit

- Collect from Toxic Terror: Perumagion Vessel (0/8)

Reward Edit

- 193,020 EXP

- 2,779 Gold