Type Quest Main
NPC Kaedan
Quest Area Crystal Caverns
Level 58-59
Quest progression
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With Friends Like These Govan's Return

Summary Edit

Kaedan says Kamerus has gained access to Crystal Caverns. Kemerusaurs have infested the place, and Kaedan thinks it's a good opportunity to learn about them.

The quest begins upon receiving the following message:

You've missed a lot. A mining tunnel caved in revealing a huge kritium vein and a large cavern. Of course, Kamerus has already infiltrated the area-through their own tunnels, I suspect. Now the place is overrun with Kamerusaurs. They're larger than the other dinos-and deadlier, according to our captive researcher. I know you're dying to find out more, so how about a hunting expedition?

The quest ends with the following message:

It's still unclear how the Kamerusaurs were enhanced to make them so much bigger and stronger than their cousins. But chances are it's got something to do with all that kritium down there. That and the wacky kritium enhancement experiments Kamerus is doing using humans as test tubes. Raeline is pretty knowledgeable, but I'm starting to think she's out of her depth. We need some additional wisdom.

Objective Edit

- Atrocious (0/1)

Reward Edit

- 539,520 EXP

- 5,655 Gold

- Emergency Relief Set x5