No Stone Unturned
No Stone Unturned
Type Quest Normal
NPC Mirida
Quest Area Temple Bridge
Level 55-56
Quest progression
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Unlucky Star Guardians of the Ruin

Summary Edit

Mirida senses the presence of dragonstone somewhere in the temple. Find it and destroy it.

The quest begins upon receiving the following message from Mirida:

I have to talk to your right away. I can sense dragonstone inside the temple. It gives off a positively unholy energy. It's been disturbing my dreams the past few nights, but until I focused on its source, I didn't know what it was. Can you find it? And when you do, be sure to destroy it.

The quest ends with following message from Mirida:

Dragonstone? Where did it come from, and why is it here? Is there more? Is Abelard responsible? If not, will it presence call him here? If we solve one mystery, three more spring up to take its place.

Objective Edit

- Dragonstone Shard 0/1

Reward Edit

- 175,380 EXP

- 2,681 Gold

- Title Stoner