Overview Edit

Noblia or known as Nobleria are the only class that was a child size but she was well-equipped with the latest technology. She has three weapon for the start which is Wand, Staff and Hammer while on advancement class she can advance as Creator and Elemental Fairy.

Serenia or Kachu, the suspicious Squirrel are the trainer for Nobleria and notably the squirrel also a trainer for Scyther.

Her advancement class can be as Elemental Fairy and Creator, both are completely different especially from skills and equipment itself. Creator rely mostly on Heavy Firepower and weaponry such as Gattling Gun, Artillery Barrage, High Explosive Rocket, Missile Pods and even Rocket Launcher. Different from Eclair who was expert in handgun and close combat, Nobleria was more expert at heavy weaponry making her as one of the lethalest ranged class.

Elemental Fairy was more different than Creator because it uses more magic than weaponry itself. Uniquely Elemental Fairy can use all element type of spells and if player wishes to increase the force rate for enchanting skills better be careful about it since Elemental Fairy possess all elements such as Dark, Lightning, Ice, Fire and Poison.

Character Biography Edit

Nobleria's homeland was at Cogwheel where she and Avril, her noble friend are looking at the orb. Curious she touch the orb and both are ended up transported into Kyrenia and when she arrived she saw a Boulder Demon deployed by Archie are attacking Allied Watchtower that was defended by Karen.

During her Campaign at Mountain City of Lant on the mission to defeat Baron, The Star Law Enforcer - Phantom at Annihilation Troops Station she encounter Avril along with her Butler Alfred Serepnt which is now become Nobleria's opponent throughout the story which going more likely her Nemesis since Avril and Alfred will often appeared at most of the dungeons.

Trivia Edit

  • Nobleria is the only character that was not from Kyrenia
  • She is a noble just like Eclair but differently she live in cogwheel world while Eclair live with Platinum Knight Ruweiss on Raven Boulevard.
  • If Nobleria was with Eclair, she can be broke or most likely get more trouble of financial because of Eclair's likeliness of eating a royal class or noble class food.
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