Character Biography Edit

Nobleria's homeland is at Cogwheel, where she and Avril, her friend, are looking at the orb out of curiosity. She lets curiosity take the best of her and proceeds to touch the orb, then both are suddenly transported. When Noblia arrived, she was by herself, her friend, Avril was transported to a different continent, Kyrenia, and suddenly she notices the titan deployed by Archie/Abelard is attacking Allied Watchtower that was defended by Karen.

However, during her stay at the Mountain City of Lant, she received a mission to defeat Baron. During her mission, she encounters her noble friend, Avril, along with her Butler, Alfred Serepnt. Her butler becomes her nemesis, due to him siding with the enemy, and it is expected that they will encounter a few more times during her journey. It is unsure why Avril is with Noblia's butler.

Nobleria is a noble, and she is considered a prodigy among the other nobles due to her high intellect and creativity.


Noblia or known as Nobleria is the only character that is designed as a child size, but nobody can rival her intellect at her age, and probably the same for those older than her. She starts with three weapons which are: Wand, Staff, and Hammer. While on advancement class she can advance as Creator, Elemental Fairy, and (New class, to be updated)

Serenia or Kachu, the suspicious Squirrel is the trainer for Nobleria. Her advancement class as Elemental Fairy and Creator, are completely different from each other, especially from skills and equipment itself. Creator relies mostly on Heavy Firepower and weaponry such as Gattling Gun, Artillery Barrage, High Explosive Rocket, Missile Pods and Rocket Launcher. She is considered one of the most lethal ranged class.

On the other hand, Elemental Fairy was more different than Creator due to its ability to use magic than weaponry itself. Just as the name implies, she relies on her ability to cast "elemental" magic-- She can use all element types: Dark, Lightning, Ice, Fire, and Poison.

Personality Edit

To be updated.

Skill Tree Edit

to be updated.

Trivia Edit

  • Nobleria is the only character that was not from Kyrenia
  • She is a noble just like Eclair, but both of them have completely different lifestyles.
  • If Nobleria was with Eclair, she would be on a serious financial crisis due to eclair's desire of wanting to eat royal or noble class food.
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