Perplexed by Perumagions
Type Quest Main
NPC Mirida
Quest Area Temple Passage
Level 56-57
Quest progression
Previous Next
Better off Dead A Material Breach

Summary Edit

Mirida has theories about the tormented soul you encountered in the temple. It involves the relic sentinels.

The quest begins upon receiving the following message from Mirida:

Perhaps the soul you released was a mage of the ancient Perumagion people who was sealed up with the relics. But you were able to dispatch him with very little trouble. If he was a powerful mage, his imprisonment left him greatly weakened. As educational as it might have been to learn more from him, perhaps it's safer that he's finally dead. But it's possible we can learn more from the stone sentinels who guarded him.

The quest ends with following message from Mirida:

We may never know what the sentinels know, or who that man was they held prisioner for so long. But that shouldn't keep us from continuing to investigate those ruins every chance we get. The secrets of the Perumagions are deep in the interior of the temple. And brave fighters like you must continue to protect us as we learn them. We've only begun to uncover what lies.

Objective Edit

- Wraith Guardian 0/2

Reward Edit

- 184,020 EXP

- 2,730 Gold