Petra's Project
Type Quest Normal
NPC Kaedan
Quest Area Dominion Advanced Training Camp
Level 58-60
Quest progression
Previous Next
None None

Summary Edit

"IMPORTANT" This quest is actually bugged, you can't completed in version 153.

Kaedan has recived word that Petra is training an elite force for the Dominion Army. Put an end to her little project.

The quest begins upon receiving the following message:

You're just in time. I got a tip that Petra's back. Remember her? She's teaching at a special Dominion Army training facility-right here in the caverns, believe it or not. Yeah, we had no idea it existed. Unnerving has hell. What else don't we know? There's at least an even chance she's planning to launch an attack on us here in the near future. Even if she's not, we need to put a stop to this project of hers before she uses it against us. It's only a matter of time.

The quest ends with the following message:

Needs to be finished

Objective Edit

- Petra (0/1)

Reward Edit

- 538,520 EXP

- 5,655 gOLD