Class InformationEdit

Combat power: ★★★★★★★★

Difficulty  : ★★★★☆☆☆☆

Survivability  : ★★★☆☆☆☆☆

Artfully uses various types of swords to hack the enemy. Uses MP to execute her ferocious skills.

On Kritika Online Eclair has the highest firepower but in return has the highest difficulty ceiling due to multitude of viable platstyles and high Skill point consumption. Players will have to pick a style that works for them while also learn other alternatives that brings out the best potential to be a great eclair player.

Class Capabilities Edit

The best pairing for Eclair is Creator since Eclair can close the disadvantage for Creator by fighting close quarter combat while Creator will unleash Heavy Weaponry to annihilate enemies from long range. Both are liked guns to be more used on the combat unlike Mage that was rarely using guns to fight.

Advantage Edit

Superior in close and mid-range combat, Eclair lethally strikes the enemy with endless combos and allow her to deliver most of the backstabs attack through Phantom Blade to her enemies making her as the rank 1 for the backstab attacks of all the classes. With many precision combination, Eclair's firepower was very notorious and once the enemy are locked down by Eclair's attack they will have hard time to escape. If player have quick skill style, Eclair have extra advantage as Eclair was equipped naturally with Slow-motion abilities where the enemies such as Boss will be slowed up to 50% of their original speed if player keep attacking with skills in rapid speed.

Disadvantage Edit

Despite her abilities in close and mid-range combat, Eclair got very few skills to be unleashed and furthemore she is the only character that was not be able to wield EX skills and she has only have Blade Dance as skill that provide her temporary invincibility (Not affected by Ed's Eye of Altar that can petrify everything include those who are using skills that provides invincibility). Eclair also lack Super Armor destroyer and Stun skills notably only XL-Caliber that can stun enemies which it will be a must for all Eclairs to rise it to lv 3 while Blade Dance and XL-Caliber are the only skill that can destroy enemy Super Armor.

Character SkillsEdit

Every skills that Eclair possess can be upgraded up to tier 4 and each tier possess an unique abilities. Player will learn all of Eclair skills for the basics but in order to up tier it depends on Player's style and player have limited of Skill Points to distribute it.

Increases attack Power (Passive, natural increase)

Increases attack power of all skills, automatically increased everytime player level up.

Dash (Cooldown 3 second) (Lv 1)

Tier 2 - Increases Player's movement speed for a short time after Dash

Tier 3 - Teleport for a short distance after using dash 2 times

Bane Sword (Lv 1)

Tier 2 - Increases Bane Sword attack speed by 15%

Tier 3 - Adds a 4th attack

Tier 4 - Automatically creates a sword used for Extra Slash attack every 6 second

Fire (Lv 1)

Tier 2 - Right-click for a full ranged attack after using skill.

Tier 3 - When attacking enemies with Extra Slash or Blade Dance skills, an effect that leave marks may be added by chance. A special attack is activated when firing at a marked enemy.

Tier 4 - Special attack with 2 second stun effect is added when the enemies is in Super Armor state (8 Second Cooldown for special attack)

Phantom Blade (Cooldown 4 second) (Lv 1)

Tier 2 - Turn the direction of the enemy not in Super Armor state backward while pulling out your sword (Enables player to make backstab damage to enemies when succeded)

Tier 3 - Press the skill button one more time when the skill hits the enemy to teleport behind the enemy's back for an attack. Create 1 additional sword upon attack

Tier 4 - Increases attack and movement speed by 3% for 12 second when the skill is in use (Max 15%)

Grand Saber (Cooldown 5 Second) (Lv 3)

Tier 2 - Increases movement distance while controlling with direction keys

Tier 3 - Decrease movement and attack speed by 20% for 8 seconds on enemies attack and decrease movement and attack speed by 7% for 8 sec during PvP

Tier 4 - Increases Attack Power by 100%

Blade Trigger (Passive) (Lv 5)

Tier 2 - Holds down the left button to gather swords manually to attack nearby enemies.

Tier 3 - Attack an enemy with a sword to create additional 1 sword while in a state exceeding 50 chain combo.

Tier 4 - Automatically create sword to attack nearby enemies when the enemies are hit.

Extra Slash (Can only used when player has refined sword) (Lv 8)

Tier 2 - Increases max stacks count by 1 for Grand Saber, Phantom Blade, Bane Sword, Spiral Chopper and Revolve Pulsion

Tier 3 - Increases attack speed by 5% for 3 sec whenever skill is in use (Max 20%)

Tier 4 - Increases damage, Critical damage and damage received by 1% per refined sword (5% for Blade Walk)

Revolve Pulsion (Cooldown 9 Second) (Lv 12)

Tier 2 - Increases attack range by 30%

Tier 3 - Creates 2 additional returning sword

Tier 4 - Creates a sword that spins in place in front when Extra Slash is used.

Over Edge (Replaces EX Gauge on other classes) (Lv 16)

Tier 2 - Player will gain invincible state while using Extra Slash skill during the skill duration.

Tier 3 - Automatically fills the Over Edge gauge for every 2 second gradually.

Tier 4 - Decrease skill cooldown by 5 second when a skill is activated except for Heaven's Gate of Blade

Blade Dance (Cooldown 25 Second) (Lv 20)

Tier 2 - Add Destroy Super Armor effect to all attacks.

Tier 3 - Add effect to decrease attack and movement speed by 50% for 8 second on attack (16% for PvP)

Tier 4 - Decrease Cooldown by 7 Second

Burst Charger (Cooldown 90 Second) (Lv 25)

Tier 2 - Decreases cooldown by 30 Second

Spiral Chopper (Cooldown 30 Second) (Lv 30) (Player will gain Super Armor state using this skill)

Tier 2 - Hold down the skill button to gain rotatory power and release a gust of wind at enemies in front. Able to inflice damage increased by 20% at a long distance.

Tier 3 - Gather powerful gust of winds while activating the skill to suck in enemies in front.

Tier 4 - Increases attack power by 30% when the enemy is in Super Armor state.

Pistol mastery (Passive lv 35)

Each tier Increases critical damage by 7% when equipped with Pistol (Tier 3 = 21% critical damage)

Rifle mastery (Passive lv 35)

Each tier increases Attack speed by 4% when equipped with rifle (Tier 3 = 12% attack speed)

Mini Cannon mastery (Passive lv 35)

Each tier increases Critical Hit by 5% when equipped with Mini Cannon (Tier 3 = 15% Critical Hit)

Blade Walk (Cooldown 50 Second) (Lv 40)

Tier 2 - Increases Movement and Attack speed by 10% when skill is in use

Tier 3 - Decreases cooldown by 20 second and increases duration by 5 second.

Tier 4 - Increases attack range by 50% and stiff state

Refinery Mastery (lv 45) (passive)

Tier 1 - Increases duration of refined sword by 1 second

Tier 2 - Increases duration of refined sword by 2 second

Tier 3 - Increases duration of refined sword by 3 second

Additionally having a chance to increase Over Edge gauge three times faster on a certain combo hit using Extra Slash.

XL Caliber (Cooldown 90 Second) (Lv 50)

Tier 2 - Increases XL Caliber skill cast speed by 8% and stacks up to 40% depending number of refined sword avaiable

Tier 3 - Stun all attacked enemies for 7 second

Tier 4 - XL Caliber Attack power +20% during Over Edge

Heaven's Gate of Blade (Cooldown 150 Second) (Lv 60)

Tier 2 - Decrease Blade Dance Skill by 15 second during skill duration

Tier 3 - Refines up to max count for all kinds of swords enable player to use Extra Slash with all avaiable Refined swords during duration.

Tier 4 - Increases skill duration by 6 second.

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