Battle or known as PvP battle is where player can engage other player in PvP. Each player has different purposes when entering PvP stages. Kritika online and Kritika The White Knights serves different purposes for PvP. 

Kritika The White Knights Edit

Battle Mode consists of 3 different modes: Arena Mode, Versus Mode, and Melee mode. 

Arena Mode puts you head to head in auto battle with other players---choose from beginner, intermediate, and expert arena to battle foes and boost yourself up the ranks!

Versus Mode lets you challenge players of a similar CP level one on one. Choose wisely!

Melee Mode lets you challenge other players on a 3vs3 battle. Defeat other teams and earn rewards!

Kritika Online Edit

Player will enter PvP channel by using P hotkey as default key button. On PvP channel player will be given 4 choices of battle.

Capture the Flag Player will duel with another player while capturing the flag from opponent's base and deliver it back to player's base. This battle is 3v3 PvP battle and player can battle another player in real time.

1v1 Battle A Classic yet standard PvP battle for 1v1, player that defeats other player 2 times is a winner of the match.

3v3 Team Battle Player will team up with other player to defeat opponent team. The order of appearance can be determined by player's decision. Once enemy team is wiped out, the team wins and so the opposites that if player's team is wiped out, the opponent team wins.

Ranked battle Player will be ranked throughout performances on this battle, the battle consists of three choices such as 1v1, 3v3 or Capture The Flag Battle. Player will be ranked at each mode and not overall.