Class Biography Edit

Rogue originally came from Wolf Shadow Village at Snow Mountain, which was the homeland of the Frost tribe. She possesses high agility when it comes to fighting, wielding a pair of shortsword as her primary weapon. Rogue is described by outsiders NPC's (non-Wolf Shadow Tribe natives) as the only class that was "immune" to cold weather. However, some of the natives call Rogue a "traitor" because she left her homeland to become a warrior but later changed their opinion after she defeated the enemies in the Mountains dungeon. They Requested her to retrieve the Sacred Treasure that was stolen by an alchemist during Archie's/Abelard's tyranny, the treasure originally belongs to the Frost tribe. Determined, she is willing to fulfill their request to retrieve the sacred treasure that was stolen by the enemy. After their treasure being stolen, Archie's/Abelard's army did not approach the homeland of Frost Tribe, the tribe itself became a potential threat due to their valuable sacred treasure being stolen by an Alchemist.

Throughout the story, it will be revealed that Rogue need the power of Sacred Treasure to defeat Archie/Abelard, and needs to find a replacement for it, in case the treasure has been destroyed.

The NPCs on Wolf Shadow Village refers Rogue as her "Big Sister" or "Sister". Rogue was once a Sorcerer before she left the village to become a warrior. The elder of the village also treats Rogue as one of the Frost Tribe members even though she left. Notably, Nancy and Fujimora consider Rogue as their Sister.

Class Overview Edit

A young girl from Winter Land, she left to protect her beloved family.  Growing up in a cold, harsh environment has made her a cool, calculating combatant.

A nimble fighter capable of attacking in quick succession, the Rogue sharpens her skills to become a Cat Acrobat, Crimson Assassin or Mystic Wolf Guardian.

Rogues are trained by Sasha on the dungeons and the challenges, the High Priest of Rogues and Sasha originally also come from Wolf Shadow Village which makes her officially as a trainer of Rogue.

Personality Edit

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Skill Tree Edit

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Specializations Edit

When level 15, Rogue can be advanced as:

Cat Acrobat / Catspaw - An agile fist fighter, she is able to subdue her enemies in a series of quick, seamless connected attack moves. She also able to do a variety of aerial combos that are exceptionally powerful.

Crimson Assassin / Assassin - A Rogue specialized in killing enemies with a few deadly moves, she can ambush enemies and disappear even before the enemies hit the ground. As an assassin herself, she able to use shurikens, poisons, traps, and can cause a *lethal* bleeding to her enemies. The Crimson Assassin is unparalleled when it comes to 1 on 1 fights.

Mystic Wolf Guardian / Wolf Guardian - A Rogue that fights with the sacred wolf Sirius. The Mystic Wolf Guardian offers various play style due to her ability to combine her skills with those of her canine companion.

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