Class Overview Edit

An Angel of Death capable of annihilating hundreds of enemies at once.

A melee fighter who cuts down her foes with her giant scythe. The Scyther's true potential is revealed once she advances to become a Valkyrie or Blood Fairy.

Class Status Edit


Class Biography Edit

Scyther originally works for secret group of Alchemists known as Feima Organization. They work for Arthur Beiruma whom established Feima Special Forces and later it was revealed that Beiruma survived after the war against Atlantis after making an invasion attempt towards Atlantis but an incident makes Beiruma disappeared and become a mystery.

When the Boulder Demon is out of Control, Scyther try to regain control however the moment they touch it their power and memories are drained into the Boulder Demon, replacing it with unknown memories. After they regain consciousness, they saw the Raven town has been burned and since that day they vow to retaliate against Archie by joining group of warriors such as Rogue, Warrior, Eclair and Mage who has the same main goal, defeating Archie and Feima Organization.

Kritika Classes
Warrior BerserkerBurst Berserker/Fire LordDemon Blade/Doom Blade
Rogue Cat Acrobat/CatspawCrimson AssassinMystic Wolf Guardian
Gunmage Shadow MageFreezing Blaster/Frost MageDimension Controller/Warp Mage
Scyther/Reaper ValkyrieBlood Fairy/Vamp
Eclair Psion
Nobleria Elemental Fairy/ElemancerCreator/Artifex
Monk Dark LordGalaxy Lord

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