White Knights

Kritika The White Knights Edit

Class Information
Difficulty: ★★★☆☆
Specialty: Wide-range Attack

The shadow mage is a mage that uses shadows to restrain and annihilate enemies in close combat. Specializes in short-range attacks and inflicts heavy damage. Posesses skills that can bind enemies. A 3 star difficulty character that is unlocked when another character reaches lvl.20 or unlocks for 650 karats, The default look consists of a black suit, white hair, and 2 guns of opposing color. The specialty for this character is wide-range attacks and uses a demonic alter which follows him as his weapon. Most of the attacks based out of this characters skillbook revolve around inflicting damage over a circular area able to target multiple enemies, although this characters EX move focuses on mainly one enemy but can still hit others if they are stationed close enough.

Character Skills (Kritika: The White Knights)Edit

Physical AttacksEdit

Staccato Shot
Gun Swing
Bullet Storm
Crater Leap

Magic AttacksEdit

Shadow Clap
Shadow Bind
Geschupenschte's Hammer

Activation SkillsEdit

Emergency Escape
Geschupenschte Quell
Awakened Alter

Passive SkillsEdit

Basic Training
HP Increase
MP Increase
DEF Increase
Stat Increase

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