Thrown to the Wolves
Type Quest Normal
NPC Menoko
Quest Area Temple Passage
Level 56-57
Quest progression
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Skeleton Crew A Deeper Mystery

Summary Edit

The quest begins upon receiving the following message:

Enki has never gotten over the fact that you killed Silverfang, the Ezo king. He doesn't believe Silverfang sold out the Darksworn, and no one can convince him. He's been talking to Ayida, Silverfang's sister, about taking revenge on you. Ayida would have been queen of the Ezo, but she's female and only half werewolf, so the Ezo council refused her. She's always been unhappy about that, but now she's out for blood. Yours.

The quest ends with following message:

You've survived your battle with Ayida. Not that I doubted you would. I'm sorry it had to come to this, but she was determined to fight you. The Ezo have fallen on hard times. First their king betrayed his brothers and sisters, the Snowclaw people. Then he sold his honor to the cult from Capital City, the Darksworn. I feel sorry for them. Even poor Ayida.

Objective Edit

- Ayida 0/1

Reward Edit

- 184,020 EXP

- 2,730 Gold