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Acquired From:

Group Bonus
Level 1-30 Quests Peerless Additional Damage per Hit +5 Quest: A Perilous Peer

[Lv.12-Lv.65] Dominon Forward Base

NPC: Saark

Defense: +30

Attack: +100

HP: +50

Cynophobic Reduced Damage per Hit +5 Quest: Dog Bones

[Lv.21-Lv.65] Kamerus Kennels

NPC: Gunnar

Juicy Critical Damage +25 Quest: Slug Juice

[Lv.23-Lv.65] Deeprock Abyss

NPC: Evold

Ani's Friend Bonus Critical Damage +1.3% Quest: Sweating the Small Stuff

[Lv.25-Lv.65] Bitter Peak

NPC: Kaedan

Lone Wolf Bonus Damage +0.8% Quest: The Wolf Boy

[Lv.27-Lv.65] Longclaw Ravine

NPC: Kaedan

Paleontologist Damage Reduction +1.3% Quest: Dog Bones

[Lv.28-Lv.65] Leviathan Ridge

NPC: Raeline

Level 31-40 Quests Well Bronzed Additional Damage per Hit +10 Map: Bronzegate

Difficulty: Hard

Task: Clear Danger Zone without taking

more than 20hits

Defense: +40

Attack: +130

MP: +50

Tested Critical Damage +38 Quest: Curious Little Witch

[Lv.35-Lv.65] The Sewers

NPC: Lael

Theater Patron Reduced Damage per Hit +5 Map: Rialto Theater

Difficulty: Hard

Task: Perform at least two 5-Mutikills

while clearing Danger Zone

Gatekeeper Bonus Damage +1.3% Quest: Master of the Cult

[Lv.39-Lv.65] Dark Rampart

NPC: Niko

Level 41-50 Quests Alleycat
Spider Killer
Tuval's Savior
Military police
Truant Officer
Rik Rolled

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