Class Overview Edit

In the past, he was a knight who protected his people.  Due to corruption within the knighthood, he left to wander the world, seeking strong opponents on the battlefield.

A dominant melee fighter who boasts of exceptional physical prowess, the Warrior evolves into a Burst Berserker, Raging Berserker or Demon Blade.

Throughout the stage, they are trained by Legendary Mercenary known as Metal Eagle Bryce.

Class Biography Edit

Warrior are originally came from Thousand Brave Guild where some renowned warrior are there such as Star of Law Enforcer Dertmot and Captain of Alliance Army Karen came from with Raven Rouli Square as base of operations. When Archie takes control of the Knighthood, they are forced to do his bidding and Vaia has to take over as a new Supreme Commander of Thousand Brave Guild through force which deal in multiple consequences such as lack of manpower and top Commander which force the new guild make a full-scale retreat to Lant for a time being until Kim Vojava or Alberka Kim takes over Vojava Pirates as a new Captain of the Vojava Pirates that succeded in breaching Raven Boulevard.

Leaving the Knighthood, the warrior seeks strong opponents and sets their main goal for Boulder Demon to destroy and defeating Archie as a Primary Goal. They are banded together with Eclair, Rogue, Mage and Scyther to defeat Archie and not affiliated with Thousand Brave Guild led by Vaia again but they continue to help the guild even they are not in the guild anymore.

Kritika Classes
Warrior BerserkerBurst Berserker/Fire LordDemon Blade/Doom Blade
Rogue Cat Acrobat/CatspawCrimson AssassinMystic Wolf Guardian
Gunmage Shadow MageFreezing Blaster/Frost MageDimension Controller/Warp Mage
Scyther/Reaper ValkyrieBlood Fairy/Vamp
Eclair Psion
Nobleria Elemental Fairy/ElemancerCreator/Artifex
Monk Dark LordGalaxy Lord

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