With Friends Like These
Type Quest Main
NPC Raeline, Kaedan
Quest Area Deeprock Mine
Level 58-59
Quest progression
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Out of Time Kamerusaur

Summary Edit

Needs description quest.

The quest begins upon receiving the following message from Raeline:

It's decided. The dragonstone has to remain with the talisman to seal the temple again. It would have helped us to be able to study it at length, but we can't leave the Snowclaw tribe in danger. Now they'll be safe from the undead in the temple, and we can now move on. You're moving on to Deeprock Mine, as it happens. You'll see a lot of familiar faces of course. And who knows-maybe one face you didn't really want to see.

The quest ends with the following message from Kaedan:

Okay, okay. I sold you out. Don't pretend you were surprised. I deal in information, not blind loyalty. I have contacts in the Dominion Army, you know. They get grouchy if I don't feed them information. And hey, give me some credit! I'm pretty generous about telling you what I know. And what I know right now is that someone has found a fat dragonstone vein down the mine.

Objective Edit

- Speak to Kaedan

Reward Edit

Thare are no rewards for this quest.