Description Edit

Wolfshadow or Wolf Shadow Village is the homeland of the Rogue. Those who step in to the village are having strong resistance against cold, even the Intelligence person must work harder than player to remain there.

The Direfangs, a range of towering peaks that resemble the teeth of a wild animal, occupy the far north of the continent of Kirenos.

The Snowclaw tribe, whose legends say they are descended from wolves, live on Wolf Mountain, home to the ruins of an ancient Perumagion temple. They have had little contact with the outside world, and generally suspicious of strangers. They live mainly by hunting.

Chapters and Areas Edit

Chapter 5 (Werewolf's War) Edit

Chapter 10 (Ruins of Beirumanians) Edit

Returning from Raven Boulevard, Brent investigate the Ruins of Beirumanians to invesigate their origins and tragedy that fells upon them. The place itself lies high on the sky and so far, only Wolf Shadow Tribe manage to get up there due to their rigorous training to air pressure and strong legs.

  • Ancient Beirumanian Site
  • Guardian of Beirumanians
Locations and Danger Zones
Watchtower Roshan RoadRoshan OverlookRoshan GorgeGloomdark WoodsBleak RoadCold Canyon
Falstead RuinwoodShadow Weald
Lantir Thorell PerimeterThorell RuinsDominion Forward BaseDominion Air Base
Deeprock Mine Upper DeeprockKamerus LabsKamerus KennelsDeeprock AbyssCrystal CavernsDominion Advanced Training CampJade Chasm
Wolfshadow Bitter PeakDominion Training GroundLongclaw RavineLeviathan RidgeOuter TemplePirate's BastionTemple BridgeTemple PassageInner Temple
Fountain Square BronzegateAirship Crash SiteWestern RampartMoragan Way
Alleytown The SewersThe GarrisonRialto TheaterDark Rampart
Opportunity Bay Pillager's PierDeserter's DenDestiny CoveDead Man's CayNaga's NestPirate King's TombProsperity Port
Highquarter High StreetTemple of AlchemyRaven HeightsParliament Hall
Keskyu Outpost Keskyu ValleyMoonrise BluffVineway
Xanadu Sunset StairwayLuciana's Inner SanctumSkyship Arcadia: East Deck
Starhenge Memory of AnnihilationMemory of WarBelladonna ManorPerumagion Pathway
Cogwheel  ??? • ??? • ??? • ???
Other Resistance Training Grounds

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